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    The Hula Fit™ - Dual Layer Shorts

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    Light Pink
    The Hula Fit™ - Dual Layer Shorts

    These The Hula Fit™ - Dual Layer Shorts will keep you trendy while you workout! They are made from extremely soft, featherweight, breathable fabrics that won’t hold you back!

    They are the perfect addition to your workout apparel collection. They feature built in spandex perfect for revealing stretching or workout positions!

    Grab a few colors and start your fashionable new look today!

     Movort's™ 2-in-1 Flowy Tiktok Shorts


    • Feel Flowy Freedom - You have to feel it to believe it. Get the ultimate feeling of freedom with our featherweight moisture wicking fabric blend.

    • Super Cute & In Style - Stay trendy in the warm weather! The The Hula Fit™ - Dual Layer Shorts have just gone viral.

    • Perk Up Your Peach - Instantly lifts and tones your booty with Peachy Peach lifting tech. Interior hugging spandex perks up your peach.

    • Non-Transparent & Moisture Wicking - Stays cool and dry for all types of exercise including yoga, pilates, running, weightlifting, and more.

    • Breathable, Seamless, Super Comfortable - Made from high-quality, extremely soft, featherweight, breathable fabric. Perfect for the gym, your home, and going out on the town!

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