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    The Hula Fit™ - Weighted Speed Rope

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    The Hula Fit™ - Weighted Speed Rope
    The Hula Fit™ - Weighted Speed Rope is designed with steel wiring to help prevent tangles while also enabling speed.
    Jump roping is a great but overlooked exercise which has many great health and cardio benefits, some of which include
    • Improving stamina and endurance
    • Weight loss
    • Bone strengthening 


    • Fast & Smooth - Our high quality thicker & heavier skipping rope allows for 360 degree smooth rotation. The ball bearings in the handles ensure a tangle-free jumping experience.

    • Durable - High quality PVC rope with steel cable inside, more stable, thicker, heavier and more durable, qualified for everyday workouts, also for burn calories and lose weight.

    • Hold Comfortably - Ergonomically designed soft PVC memory foam handles offer extra comfort while also preventing palm sweat and providing a firm grip.

    • Perfect For - Fitness Workouts, Cardio Training, Jumping Exercise, Cross fit, Skipping, MMA, Boxing, Speed Training, Calves,  suitable for all ages.

    • So why us? - Well aside from not having issues with tangling our speed rope is designed with adjustable to move with you improving speed. In addition, the rope's length itself is adjustable and is perfect for anyone. If you're looking for an easy and effective cardio workout that targets your full body, this is definitely it. 

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    • Length: 2.8m
    • Material: Wire rope

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