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    The Hula Fit™ - Elastic Resistance Bands

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    The Hula Fit™ - Elastic Resistance Bands

    Strengthen and tone your butt using only The Hula Fit™ - Elastic Resistance Bands otherwise known as booty bands.

    Besides helping you to gain a sculpted butt, there are many other benefits to working your glutes, like hip and joint stabilisation which can help prevent knee and hip injuries.

    The Hula Fit™ - Elastic Resistance Bands are lightweight and inexpensive and are great for targeting the muscles in your butt and thighs.

    The beauty of our bands is that you can take them anywhere – do your resistance band workout at home, in the park, at the beach or the gym etc.

    The Hula Fit™ - Elastic Resistance Bands could help you perform squats correctly by keeping your knees pushed out.

    Elastic Yoga Resistance Bands


    • 3x resistance levels - Most bands are either too “heavy” or too “easy”.  Ours are all the same size. We vary the resistance of the bands to change strength levels so you can begin easily and work your way up to a more strengthening workout!

    • Extra stability -The fabric is thick and wide without rolling up, digging into your skin or pinch, no matter what you’re doing. It definitely offers you a great opportunity to test your limits and work your way up.

    • Made to last -You don't have to be anymore afraid of them stretching out or snapping. These bands are much stronger than the rubber ones. Made of fabric, they don't wear down or lose their resistance after daily work out.

    • More glute activation - These bands are great for glute activation exercises, as well as building/strengthening your musclesIt takes a few minutes to workout with them before you feel your legs and glute on fire. You will definitely see a difference in your glutes, even your friends.

    • Reach your goals faster - Ideal to tone, shape, burn fat or prevent injury. With just 15 minutes per day, you’ll notice a significant difference in your muscle tone after a few weeks and your glutes and thighs are going to look even better for the summer!

    • Free to workout anywhere - No longer tied to the gym or expensive equipment. You can use it anywhere at home, gym or even have them with you on vacay. They are lightweight, portable and space-friendly. Ideal for beginners and intermediate fitness level, love yoga, barre or pilates you will fall in love with this piece of workout equipment...!

    Elastic Yoga Resistance Bands


    • Size: 3.15 inches (8cm) wide and 29.7 inches (76cm) in diameter.

    • Strength: 
      Light (18-32lbs 8-14 kg), 
      Medium (30-50lbs 13-22kg) 
      Heavy (45-70lbs 20-30kg).

    • Fabric: Breathable soft cotton fabric (not rubber) woven with elastic strands.

    Package Includes:

    • 1x Set of 3 level bands
    • 1x Workout guide
    • 1x storage bag
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